What are Google Backlinks ؟؟؟

What are Google Backlinks ???

Well, there are no such thing as Google backlinks but there are rather "backlinks." Quite simply, backlinks are the absolute key to ranking high in Google.
   Backlinks are links to a site from other websites on the internet. 
   The backlink must contain the link text of the keyword that you want to rank for! For example, if you want to rank for "buy a treadmill" you will need links to your site whose link text contains "buy a treadmill." By "link text", I am referring the the underlined blue text in the link.  So, in this example, you would want the link to your site to be buy a treadmill.
   Backlinks are considered "ranking points" by Google.  The more link text backlinks that you have, the more points that your site has for that keyword phrase. 
Over time, you will likely rank higher than competitors with more backlinks than you but whose backlinks do not contain the link text that you are aiming to rank for. You can definitely beat out even huge high page rank sites if you have more specific link text backlinks for a certain keyword.  Most times, sites rank for keywords just because they have the keywords on their webpage a few times or in their website title; often, these webpages that are ranking in the the top 10 Google results have ZERO backlinks!
A good rule of thumb is that a keyword phrase can be competed for easily if the top 10 pages in Google for that keyword have less than 250 backlinks each.

Do Keyword Research Before Building Your Site
   Before you start building backlinks to your web site, you need to do some research using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
Amount of Searches
You need to know which keywords to aim for.  These should be keywords with a number of searches per month.  Some say to target keywords with at least 90 searches per month, others say to focus on keywords with between 2,500 and 10,000 searches per month.  This all depends on what your monetization goal is when people reach your website. 
For example, if you merely wish to sell a specific product, then you could be fine with a keyword that is searched 90 times per month.  This may amount to a number of sales per month.  So, it depends on the amount you will make per sale and how specific the keyword relates to the product.  Make an informed decision based on your needs.
If you plan on making most of your income from the keyword's traffic with Adsense or Kontera, then you will likely want at least 2,500 searches to make the income worthwhile.  You'll have to go with how you feel about the keyword and the niche.
You will do your keyword research using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool will show you exactly what pople are typing into Google. Put "buy a treadmill" into the search box and click the "Get keyword ideas" button to see related searches. 
IMPORTANT! Be sure to choose "Exact" from the Match Type drop-down box! You must do this in order to get a true view of the traffic you will get if you rank high for these keywords. Ignore the broad results, they won't factor in to your ranking goals.
Commercial Intent
   It is important to focus on keywords that will lead to sales.  You will want to ensure that the trafic brought to your site is made up of users who intend to spend money or to click on your ads that will earn you money! For example, if someone is searching for "buy a treadmill", they are highly likely interested in making a purchase.  This is what is called commercial intent.  Those typing in the keyword "treadmill comparison" or "treadmill statistics" are far less likely to want to spend money or click on ads, they are looking for information.  Stick to keywords with commercial intent, (names of products, buy a…, purchase a, etc).
Use the MSN Adlab Commercial Intent Tool to help determine the commerical intent of a keyword.  The number represents the probability of commercial intent.  Over 50% is decent, over 80% is great, and over 90% is excellent! (Note: This tool can be very slow sometimes, and you can only analyze one keyword at a time.  WebCompAnalyst works MUCH faster.)
How Many Backlinks Do I Need for This Keyword?
   Ok, so now know that ranking in Google is all about the links. The bottom line: you need to have more links aimed at your page, with the keywords you want to rank for in the link text than your competition does.
The problem is that it is incredibly time consuming and tedious to manually check every single result for the number of links it has aimed at it. This would be done for free using BacklinkWatch (which displays link text of some links) or Yahoo Site Explorer (which shows a URL's backlinks, but not the link text!).  The problem is that using these tools limits you big-time.  Having to manually check the anchor text of those links can take hours!
WebComp Analyst does all of that work in seconds, giving you an easy-to-read snapshot of exactly how difficult it will be to rank for any set of keywords in Google. You can do the analysis on multiple sets of keywords at the same time, saving a huge amount of time. 
WebCompAnalyst is BacklinkWatch, Yahoo Site Explorer, MSN Adlab Commerical Intent tool, and more, all COMBINED in one piece of easy-to-use software!


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