EmEditor Professional 11.1.6 (x86) Beta Portable

EmEditor Professional 11.1.6 (x86) Beta Portable | 5.3 MB

EmEditor Professional - A text editor that can work with many programming languages. The program has syntax highlighting ASP, C #, C + +, CSS, HTML, Java, javascript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript, etc., as well as the ability to connect additional external applications and plug-ins. EmEditor supports drag & drop, auto-coding, advanced search and replace text, is well customizable toolbars and menus, setting up individual configurations for specific types of files, the ability to open files of enormous size.

Supports syntax highlighting ASP, C #, C + +, CSS, HTML, Java, javascript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript and other programming languages, the function of Drag & Drop, opening files size up to 248 GB and ability to connect additional external applications and plug-ins. In addition, the program lets you work with macros written in javascript or VBScript, and based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, allows you to automate virtually any action. Adjustable backlight HTML and scripting languages ​​makes it easy to detect spelling errors and typos.

* Supports file sizes up to 248 GB
* Edit binary files
* Optimized search and replace
* Improved design plug-ins
* Ability to display the functions
* Optimized speed when each row has a greater length
* Auto-panning by clicking the mouse wheel
* Supports Drag and drop
* Specify the temporary folder in the program settings
* Import INI files in the registry
* Support for Unicode
* Syntax highlighting for ASP, C + +, CSS, HTML, javascript, JSP, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, VBScript, and other
* User-friendly interface with customizable toolbar

The list of new features
Markers • HTML / XML character references • Toolbox • Batch search replace • Compare and synchronous scrolling • New Features • Improved spell checking a vertical selection editing • Line numbering • New plug-in "Structure" • ASCII-form side by side with the binary (hex) representation • The new plug-in "Fragments" • Completion of brackets / quotes • Narrowing • CSV / TSV-dividers • Screen • History • Clipboard support wildcards • Working environment information withdrawal • New external funds • • Attaching to the list Saving in a protected folder • Support for Windows 7 Jump List • Management of large files • Edit vertical (block) selection • Editing • Optimized binary search and replace • Improved plug-in "Projects" • Optimized the opening of large files • Toolbar "Search" and " HTML ", the plug-in" Projects "• Word Completion • Record and playback keyboard and mouse actions • New elements, properties, and mode for macros • Toolbox" Macros "• Portability (for use with USB-drive) • Plug-ins" Explorer " "Difference", "Structure", "Preview of Web pages", "Search" • External funds, display the standard output to a panel of EmEditor • Quick Start • Support ActiveScript • Low CPU mode, a single process, multi-threading, low memory consumption • Tabbed Window • Dialogue detection results for all character sets • Extended support for Unicode characters • Support for error handling applications • Powerful and functionally-rich macros • • Find in Files Replace in Files • Key words and highlighting words • Unicode support • Plug-ins • • Drag and drop text • High quality for web designers • and much more!


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