Enigma Virtual Box 4.50 Build 20120424 Portable

Enigma Virtual Box 4.50 Build 20120424 Portable | 11 Mb
Enigma Virtual Box is used to virtualize the file system and allows you to merge the files used by your application into one executable file without extracting files to the virtual disk. Enigma Virtual Box supports all file types: dynamic libraries (*. Dll), ActiveX / COM objects (*. Dll, *. Ocx), video and music files (*. Avi, *. Mp3), text files (*. Txt , * doc) and many others. Enigma Virtual Box does not remove temporary files on the disk emulation file occurs only in the internal memory of the process. The program supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008, as well as Windows 7.
The main advantages are:
• Enigma Virtual Box virtual does not extract the files to disk and does not create any temporary files on your computer.
• Support for x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64-bit) executables that run on all versions of Windows NT.
• Enigma Virtual Box - an absolutely free application.
• The system supports any type of file virtualization.
• The program allows you to compress the virtual files, thus reducing the overall size of your application several times.
Changes in version 4.50:
- Added two more root folders for files virtualization% Temp FOLDER% and% AllUsers, ApplicationData FOLDER%
- Added French and Portuguese-Brazilian localization
- Improved speed of files virtualization
- Improved speed of registry virtualization
- Bug fixed enumerating registry keys


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