Portable Ambient Design ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.0 Deluxe

Portable Ambient Design ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.0 Deluxe | 74 Mb
ArtRage is a fun and easy to use painting tool for Windows that lets you play with realistic paints on your computer.

ArtRage is a fun and easy to use painting tool for Windows that lets you play with realistic paints on your computer. You can create your own paintings from nothing, load in photos and recreate them with oil paints, pencils, felt pens, or any of the other tools ArtRage has to offer. You can experiment with metallic paint for gold leafing, sprinkle shiny glitter, fill in large areas with the paint roller, and generally paint, smudge, and smear your way to your very own masterpiece.

Each tool is designed to work like its real world counterpart. Thick paint smears and blends, pencils and chalks smudge, and markers work just like they do in the real world. Many of the tools can be adjusted to give different effects. You can paint with thinned oils, use wet or dry markers, soften your pencil and control the hardness of the crayon, and much more.
Everything You Need to Get Started Today
— Create with oils, pencils, chalk, glitter and more
— Metallics to blend and mix with other media
— Stencils and rulers for precise shapes and lines
— Tracing paper function to get you drawing immediately from a photo or sketch
— Create layers or import layers and effects from Photoshop
— Choose and create custom colors
— Adjust canvas grain, color and metallic options
— Scale, rotate, move and crop
— Load and save custom color sets and color pickers
Tools of the Trade
Paint and draw with oils, brushes, pencils, rollers, pens and more. Blend and smear paint on the canvas, and use the bristle texture of your stroke to add depth to the image. You can even paint and blend with metallic colors that shine just like the real thing!

The Metallic Paint option gives you spreadable, blendable gold and silver oil paints, sparkling glitter, silver leaf sprays and more. Any tool can be switched to Metallic mode for a wide range of incredible effects. Metallic paint still blends with normal paint and smears and smudges as well! Thin metal coatings can be applied to any texture using the airbrush, or you can build up thick metal lumps using the Tube tool and Oil Brush to add more depth.
Precise Shapes and Lines
Stencils and rulers let you make precise shapes and lines while still painting freehand. Place down as many stencils as you like, then paint over them and the paint will only touch the canvas through the holes. Lay down rulers and create straight lines or smooth curves.
Tutorials and More
ArtRage Deluxe includes tutorials and videos to learn from, reference images for tracing and stencils for painting precise shapes. You fll have the artwork and guidance you need to create amazing art!
Product Features:
— Get started immediately with an easy-to-use interface
— Tools and media work as they do in real life
— Load your own images for tracing and reference
— Import and export PSD files with layers and blend modes
— Crop, scale, move and resize any layer
— Move, scale, and rotate the canvas to any angle
— Transparent layers allow for complex image creation
— Change your canvas grain, color and metallic nature
— Supports multi-monitor systems and tablets
— ArtRage uses your tablet's pressure and tilt support
— Set any tool's size for easy yet precise application
— Choose custom color sets and color pickers
• Resetting the rotation of a reference image correctly resets its preview in the reference panel now.
• The water glass pod will no longer be visible on starting the app if the tool does not call for it to be visible.
• The presets panel now updates to display the group a new preset was added to, even if that group was created in the Add Preset panel.
• Mousing over a reference image now brings up the zoom/pan controls for only that reference image.
• Shift + Tab cycles backwards through stickers that have transformation focus.
• Save will no longer overwrite the arrestart.ptg if it was loaded automatically on startup. Saving a recovered painting will always prompt for filename.
• Fixed a crash related to font lists that could occur on OSX when starting the application.
• Adjsuted the ArtRage manifest file to fix Side by Side errors encountered on Windows both on installation and in the event log.
• Fixed a bug that caused problems redoing after undoing the addition of an unfixed sticker. This could lead to redo stack corruption.
• The default canvas type is now applied to the canvas when you Import an image.
• Fixed a problem that could cause the Auto tag to appear on the colour picker pod when no tracing image was loaded.
• The default canvas is no longer made transparent after importing an image.
• Fixed a crash that could occur in very rare situations where there was a hole in a layer of a specific size that could cause a compression problem.
Artists' Tools:
— Paint with oil brushes, palette knives, airbrushes, paint rollers or paint tubes
— Draw with pencils, erasers, chalk, felt pens or crayons
— Create special effects with metallics and glitter
— Use the color sampler to customize your palette


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